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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What's That Smell?

This morning we awoke to a non-working refrigerator/freezer. Yep, the ice was water and all the meat and fish was thawed. Yikes! Luckily today was trash day so to the curb it went. Well, not all of it. B loaded up about 5 ice chests and went and purchased ice this morning. Now it's all sitting out on the back patio getting rained on. Oh, well. It's always going to be something.

Work has been horrendously busy yesterday and today. Yesterday I kept thinking "it's okay, breathe, you can quit if you want!". I barely got my computer turned on when I was off and running. It was 12:30 p.m. before I even took a breather. A quick lunch at 1:30 and then back to it. Today felt much better.

Unfortunately no work on the quilt for now. Progress was made on Sunday, but I did not get it loaded onto the longarm. I discovered that the back I pieced is about 20" short so I have some more piecing to do and I'm pretty much out of M's clothes and the pieces I have left all need to be fused and I have no more fusible interfacing. I'm thinking I'll use from my stash to complete the back. But, of course, I may have a change of heart by the time I actually get to work on it again. Let's make a date for Saturday and check back then!

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