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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Dog Jog Blog

All year end tax entries were booked yesterday. In theory, that would mean that our accrual work for the year has come to a close, but in reality there will be late entries from now until we announce our earnings in either February or March. After that no more entries will be allowed to be made. Some days I think that I cannot do this one more year. It's repetitive even though it's always different and some days it is just down right hard. Most days I don't mind a challenge, but on certain days when my brain is at half wattage, I think how lovely it would be to create for a living whether it is sewing or writing or crafting. How absolutely fun it all sounds. I'm sure it's hard work also especially if it's the main source of income, but it sounds good to me. Of course, twice I month I really like the paycheck that comes with the 9 to 5 job. And where does that 9 to 5 come from anyway? I have never had a 9 to 5 job. Do they exist? Do they pay well?

After today's exercise was complete and the paper was ready to be recycled I turned it over and did some doodling. This will be tried out on my long arm machine. The drawings are continuous line drawings. They say practice makes perfect so if I can't sew while I'm at work, I think I'll become an expert at doodling! I'm pleased with the creativity and since I have an entire box of recycled paper at my feet, I think that I will try to turn each one over and doodle before I send it to the shredder. If I feel the need for any tax accounting stuff, I can just turn the paper over and voila, I'll probably have a spreadsheet full of numbers or a research memo to peruse. Oh, doesn't that sound like fun?!

I did manage to leave work at a decent hour tonight. Of course, once I left the confines of the building I realized why I don't like leaving until later. The traffic in downtown Houston is horrendous and doubly horrendous on rainy days. Guess what? Today was one of those rainy days. Oh, well. Doggie and I went for a jog in the rain after we got home. It wasn't bad at all when we started, but by the end we were drenched. As we rounded the last corner my head was down and I was trying to avoid the puddle when I stopped abrubtly and gasped. B had come out to meet us and I didn't even see him. I was thankful it was B and not someone up to no good. Oh, well. The knees did good and it felt good. I'm thinking about my half marathon. I wish I could commit, but for some reason I'm holding back. Hmmm . . .

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castaway said...

wow, i just happened to stumble upon your blog and was kind of shocked to see how much you have in common with my mother. I'm from Houston, and she also does a lot of sewing, quilting and other creative things. It's really hard when your passion is also your work, probably a lot more draining that a "normal" job. Well, just saying hi and good luck!