Envelope Project

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Pillow Fight

Today I finished quilting the first of two quilts for my nephew's mother-in-law. In reality, the quilts will both be going to my nephew for his first born baby due later this year. It was the first ever polyester batting quilt that I've longarmed. Not my first choice for batting as I am a cotton kind of girl, but this is what I was given and it turned out nicely.

In addition, I took out all of the hand basting on the second quilt so that I could load it onto the longarm. Doggie and I curled up on the couch and made this our afternoon project. Tomorrow I will start the quilting process. I'm hoping that both quilts will be done by next weekend so that they can make the trip back to Kansas with my family.

Yes, another family running event will take place on July 4. The same crew that ran OKC will be running a 5k with me on July 4. Yesterday I signed up my 11 year old niece so I will be running with her. I'll be signing up for the inaugural Dynamo run a couple of weeks later so I can record my July time. Who knows, though, maybe A. is going to kick me some butt in the upcoming run!

My second project of the day was to finish the three UT pillowcases for a fellow co-worker. Her son (who's 10) is a Longhorn fan through and through. I hope these cheer up his newly redecorated room.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Day of Sunshine

It didn't start out that way. This morning was doom and gloom on the way to work and then the sun peeked out and as I stare out the window on the 6th floor of my building it is beautiful outside. And I'm inside . . . hmm . . . I'm thinking that perhaps it may be time for a career change. How scary is that?

I've been thinking for awhile about opening a sewing/quilting studio. It wouldn't be for traditional basic sewing classes. It would be for more of the fun stuff . . . creating with fabric and paper and stitches. I have the name I'd like to use. I have an idea of the place I'd like to do it in. Now I just need to make some decisions and decide if I want to give up the lucrative day job (I won't; I need insurance!) or if I'll jump in and just do it! Since I know I need to keep my job, I've been thinking about doing it in the evenings and weekends only. If the business took off, then I could hire a manager and have longer hours. If the business really, really took off, maybe then I could afford private insurance and be free of the day job. Oh, to dream . . .

My niece, A, has been staying with B and I for the past couple of weeks. She managed to get in some quality sewing time with her auntie (me!). Yes, that's the $69 Singer I bought a couple months ago. I set her up on it and turned it on. Next thing I know I hear the machine whirring and there she is sewing away. She's only 11. I'm so proud!

This week she has switched gears and is attending horse camp. It turns out she's quite the horse rider. She learned to ride English this week and she has been having a blast.