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Monday, February 18, 2013

Getting my Sew On and Wait for it . . . A Giveaway!!

I've been looking at my stash and thinking "Wow!  How am I ever going to use up all this fabric???  I know it's crazy, but I want to buy more.  I want more modern stuff now and I have an entire room full of fabric.  (I bought the fabric from a store going out of business - what was I thinking??!!)

So, it's time for a giveaway.  Leave a comment.  Tell me your color choices and if you're the lucky winner, I'll send you some generous cuts of fabric.  Easy peasy.  Comment away!

A few weeks ago I decided to just start with a color, get out the GO cutter and start using up some fabric.
Chain piecing
Didn't cut enough for the center square . . . oops!
Just need to add borders (and take a better picture!)  There are no solid fabrics in this quilt - hard to tell, I know.
Started this quilt before Christmas as a gift to my nephew for his "man cave".  Needs a backing and is waiting to be quilted.
This piece of fabric is gorgeous!  It was given to me by my nephew's wife and it comes from Japan. 
Since there was only a 1/2 meter, I was limited in my choices on how to use it. 
So, I made another bag. 
And I pretty much utilized every scrap of fabric to make it.  Did you notice that the handles are different colors.  Not enough fabric to make the same, but I think it turned out fine
I added a nice purple lining and voila, ready to go!
 Washi tape . . . need I say more??!!
Project Life - "Cultivate a good life and record it"
My version of Project Life.  I had no idea when I bought this album that Project Life was such a big deal.  Apparently it is.  I like the photo plus journaling aspect of it.  No rules for me, just having fun recording bits and bobs.

Project Runway makes me want to sew clothes again.  I have all this fabric so I was just experimenting with this.  I'm not finished with it yet.  Does anyone like it so far?  Just curious.
And my sewing day would not be complete without my trusted sidekick.  He's exhausted from helping me with all the decision making that goes on around here!!
So, kids, it's time to leave a comment now and let me know what colors of fabric you want.  I'll leave this giveaway open for two weeks.