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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Another Year . . .

2012 is almost over.  I'm not ready!  It's gone by so fast.  It was an off year for me in my athletic endeavors and I only managed to run one half marathon and one half marathon relay.  There were plenty of 5k's and 10k's though.  The last half of the year was replete with surgery, back issues and bronchitis.  I'm not complaining; it was all totally manageable.

2012 is also the year that I purchased a serger that actually works and I've been having a blast with it.  Sure, I'm only doing the basics, but it is super fast and really very quiet.  I like that aspect of it.  I should have kept better track of all of my projects, but maybe that'll be a goal for 2013! 

Here are a few of the end of year projects:

 I really like making these bags.
 I gave this one to my niece at Thanksgiving.
 I made this apron with just the serger.  It was just a test project, but my niece liked it so it was hers to keep!
 This quilt is now finished and quilted, but I haven't taken any pictures of the finished project.  It includes an additional 1 red and 2 blue borders.  It's for my niece who spends part of her summer with me and goes to horse camp while she is here.
 Do you ever have ideas in your dreams?  I do all the time and so this is the execution of one of those ideas.  I cut out a little girl's skirt pattern and then layered strips of fabric on it. 
 I sewed them down about 5" or 6".  Some of the shorter strips were left free.
 I cut the strips to the edge of the skirt.
 Added a pocket to the back.  The strips are also only sewn down a couple of inches.  There's also some detailed sewing lines from the pocket to the bottom of the skirt.  I don't believe I took any pictures of that.  The skirt was finished off with a red elasticized waistband and several rows of topstitching at the hem.  All in all I was happy with the end result.  I wish I could find a little girl to model it for me.  Since it was a pie-in-the-sky idea, I did not use very good fabric for the base skirt.  If I were to do it again, I would definitely use a better and a more fun fabric for the base.
 This bag was a test project also as I attempted to put it together with just serging.  It is also fully lined, but at the end of the day, I like making the bags without serging them. 
 These bags were all requested by my SIL and I made them for her to give as Christmas presents to her coworkers.  I've heard they were a hit!  Yay!

 I got together with Donna for Christmas dinner and these are all the goodies I went home with.
 She even made me a handmade snow globe.  I love it!!
And my final charity project for the year included making 31 pillowcases to give away.
So, 2012 is ending.  I'm not sad.  I wish it could have stayed a little bit longer, but it is what it is.  Here's hoping that 2013 arrives smoothly, without any hitches and brings each of us much happiness and lots of laughter.  Oh, and gobs of creativity!! 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Cutting a Rug

Another crafty project:

 It all began with t-shirts destined for Goodwill.
 But wait . . . what if I cut them up into nice little strips . . .
 and sew them onto a sturdy fabric . . .
 all the while creating another nice pile of scraps . . .
 but ending up with a beautiful rug!  Ah!  What do you think?
Another completed baby quilt to be delivered at Thanksgiving time.
While I was off from work a few weeks ago, I went out and bought this little gem to test drive for my 9 year old niece.  My conclusion is that it's a totally respectable machine for someone who has never sewn.  However, I couldn't get used to the take-up lever being on the inside of the machine instead of the backside.  So, every time my left hand automatically went to the back of the machine it would find there was nothing there to lift up.  Oops.  It was annoying to me, but again if you've never owned a sewing machine, I assume this is what you'd get used to.  The stitches were nice and even although there aren't many choices.  The machine ran smoothly and overall I'd say it's perfectly fine for sewing. 
I got the machine on sale and then I got another $10 taken off at the cash register because their in-store sign had the incorrect price on it.  Another added bonus!!
At the same time that I purchased this little guy, I also purchased a Janome serger.  It too, was on sale and let me tell you, I am completely head over heals in like with it!  This could be due, in large part to the fact that my top of the line (i.e., expensive) Bernina serger never worked and I've been using it as a large cone thread holder for my Bernina sewing machine (which I LOVE). 
So, there you have it . . . this once "Bernina" only girl has opened her eyes and accepted another brand.  Oh, no!!  At the end of the day though, all I really want is for the machines to function no matter their brand name.  Right now my studio machines are purring just fine and for that I am delighted.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Tie One On!

Here's the other project I was thinking of when I finished the latest bag.  It's a cute little apron and I think it would have also made a cute little dress.  Hmm . . . back to the sewing room!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Goodies, Goodies and More Goodies

Recently I met up with Donna from Donna's Lavender Nest and she surprised with me some birthday goodies.  My birthday was quite awhile ago and no goodies were necessary, but if you know Donna, you know what a kind and giving person she is.  So, I was the lucky one on this particular day!!  Thanks, Donna!!
 Isn't this apron adorable??!!  Donna repurposed a pillow sham and made this little beauty for me.
And then, she gave me all of this beautiful fabric that is from her Etsy store.  Go visit her blog and store; you won't be disappointed!!
I see some sweet little quilts or dresses in the near future being made out of these little gems!
My heart is full, Donna!  Thank you!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bag It

Everyone needs bags, right?  One of my nieces is a certified yoga instructor and I thought it was time I made her a yoga bag.  
 The coordinating fabrics were pulled and then quilted together.
 A zipper was added for the opening;
 pocket with buttonhole closure perfect for storing keys and wallet;
 quilted strap added and circular ends attached.
 A lovely peek at the insides
 and voila!  The finished product.
 2nd bag for another niece.  I love these colors.
 The first bag was made using the plate as a template.
 Then I remembered this awesome circle rotary cutter that I have.  I highly recommend this little gem in your arsenal of creative paraphernalia!
 Finished bag
 with inside peek.
 What happens when you go to the store to buy zippers and thread???
I know, right?!  More fabric jumps into the cart and the next thing you know you're home admiring the loot.  Then reality sets in and you get busy making stuff.
 I thought these fabrics were perfect for another yoga bag, but then I decided to go with a simple grab and go bag.  I added an outside pocket
 and an inside pocket with magnetic closure at the top.
cute cute cute 
 These fabrics are heavy duty cotton so they're perfect for carrying groceries or books or anything really.
While making this bag, I had a really great idea for my next project.  Stay tuned . . . hopefully tomorrow I will draft the pattern and get to work sewing it up.  Can't wait!!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

A little bit of sanity

Life's been busy, but I've manage to eek out a few projects along the way.

Headbands anyone?  I think I'm going to make a few more of these.  Very easy and practical.

 I finished quilting my niece's quilt and all that is left is the hand sewing of the binding. 
 Sounds like a TV watching kind of project to me.
 I have another new grand nephew that arrived last month . . .
 this is the back of the quilt.  I'm sure this quilt will be on the longarm soon.
 And really, is there no better way to create
than to have the reliable task master keeping you company?
He helped pick out these awesome fabrics for my latest yoga bag endeavor.
And so it goes . . . lots of stuff to get done and the projects just keep rolling out.  Fortunately, I have this entire upcoming week off so I think I'll be enjoying my fabric stash a little bit more than usual.  That's the plan anyway!