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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bag It

Everyone needs bags, right?  One of my nieces is a certified yoga instructor and I thought it was time I made her a yoga bag.  
 The coordinating fabrics were pulled and then quilted together.
 A zipper was added for the opening;
 pocket with buttonhole closure perfect for storing keys and wallet;
 quilted strap added and circular ends attached.
 A lovely peek at the insides
 and voila!  The finished product.
 2nd bag for another niece.  I love these colors.
 The first bag was made using the plate as a template.
 Then I remembered this awesome circle rotary cutter that I have.  I highly recommend this little gem in your arsenal of creative paraphernalia!
 Finished bag
 with inside peek.
 What happens when you go to the store to buy zippers and thread???
I know, right?!  More fabric jumps into the cart and the next thing you know you're home admiring the loot.  Then reality sets in and you get busy making stuff.
 I thought these fabrics were perfect for another yoga bag, but then I decided to go with a simple grab and go bag.  I added an outside pocket
 and an inside pocket with magnetic closure at the top.
cute cute cute 
 These fabrics are heavy duty cotton so they're perfect for carrying groceries or books or anything really.
While making this bag, I had a really great idea for my next project.  Stay tuned . . . hopefully tomorrow I will draft the pattern and get to work sewing it up.  Can't wait!!

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