Envelope Project

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Cutting a Rug

Another crafty project:

 It all began with t-shirts destined for Goodwill.
 But wait . . . what if I cut them up into nice little strips . . .
 and sew them onto a sturdy fabric . . .
 all the while creating another nice pile of scraps . . .
 but ending up with a beautiful rug!  Ah!  What do you think?
Another completed baby quilt to be delivered at Thanksgiving time.
While I was off from work a few weeks ago, I went out and bought this little gem to test drive for my 9 year old niece.  My conclusion is that it's a totally respectable machine for someone who has never sewn.  However, I couldn't get used to the take-up lever being on the inside of the machine instead of the backside.  So, every time my left hand automatically went to the back of the machine it would find there was nothing there to lift up.  Oops.  It was annoying to me, but again if you've never owned a sewing machine, I assume this is what you'd get used to.  The stitches were nice and even although there aren't many choices.  The machine ran smoothly and overall I'd say it's perfectly fine for sewing. 
I got the machine on sale and then I got another $10 taken off at the cash register because their in-store sign had the incorrect price on it.  Another added bonus!!
At the same time that I purchased this little guy, I also purchased a Janome serger.  It too, was on sale and let me tell you, I am completely head over heals in like with it!  This could be due, in large part to the fact that my top of the line (i.e., expensive) Bernina serger never worked and I've been using it as a large cone thread holder for my Bernina sewing machine (which I LOVE). 
So, there you have it . . . this once "Bernina" only girl has opened her eyes and accepted another brand.  Oh, no!!  At the end of the day though, all I really want is for the machines to function no matter their brand name.  Right now my studio machines are purring just fine and for that I am delighted.