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Friday, January 4, 2008

New Year; Same Routine

It's a new year and I feel good about that. Unfortunately I'm still employed doing tax stuff so the start to any given year is the same . . . long hours. I'm so NOT ready for that! It's year end close time and I'm part of the team that calculates federal income taxes for a multi-billion dollar company. In the scheme of things it's been an easy year - no major acquisitions or dispositions; nothing hinky. It's just a very large company and therefore a lot of manhours go into calculating our tax numbers.

At the same time, I'm trying to finish up the memorial quilt and instead I will be going into the office over the weekend to make sure that no deadlines are missed because of me. Ha!

Also my doggie is sick and I'm not spending much time at home with him. I feel bad about that and he's not a dumb dog; he ignores me when I get home just to punish me!!! Sorry, doggie.

This morning I wanted to run back inside and grab my camera and take a picture of the same car that I posted a picture of earlier. This morning the car is in a driveway, parked askew and in the foliage area where it's almost sitting on top of a very large dead branch that has fallen from the tree. It appears that the bad driver is a guest (I'm guessing an in-law of some sort) of my neighbors. I can understand old people not quite getting the parking thing right in their later years, but I'm having a hard time with the neighbors not noticing or informing the driver of the potential danger in curbs and fallen branches and driveway v. foliage. Oh, well. My relatives' parking skills are just fine, thank you . . . at least for now!!!

Here's the latest picture of the quilt. Hopefully more progress will be made this weekend.

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