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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Out With The Old

No, I'm not saying out with the doggie! Heaven forbid! That's just the way the pictures loaded! Bye, bye old refrigerator. Hello new! After a morning of shopping, the new refrigerator was purchased. With a little help from B's brother, the new one was installed. Tonight we discovered that the refrigerator has a leak. Since it was a pain to get into the house, I'm not looking forward to having to return it. I hope that it's something that can be dealt with without returning it. Always something.

Today's sewing project entailed stitching down the fruit and tree on M's quilt. It seems that the Wonder Under which fuses to both sides of the fabric did not do the trick and now I am stuck zigzaging around all of the items. There are a lot of items. I was hoping to avoid this step, but I am using a really pretty opaque thread that is enhancing the project. At least I hope it's making it look good. Sometimes it's hard to be objective after looking at it all day.

Today's pictures include a photo of our current refrigeration system and the newly purchased leaking refrigerator!!! All of the food is still outside in the ice chests. What're you going to do???

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