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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Chocolate Always Loves You Back

That's what my dark chocolate Dove raspberry flavored caramel is telling me and I'm a believer!

Another busy day at work with more to come. I did have time today to think about crafting so that was good. I had good intentions to create tonight, but I didn't develop a plan so no crafting for me. I did manage to do the treadmill this morning and a jog with the dog tonight. Then I laid on the couch and watched my Law and Orders. Addicting. Now the evening is over and I should be in bed doing my crossword puzzle. I had good intentions of writing a tremendous blog, but I'm not sure my ideas would be well received in the blogosphere. So for now, my rants will remain inside my head and by tomorrow I'm sure that they will not be important to me anymore. Time is good that way.

Five Random Facts:

1) I was never a "pet" person growing up. Dogs scared me and I'm allergic to cats. Now I can't imagine my world without Doggie. It's crazy that I let him sit on the couch, sleep in the bed and tell him how beautiful he is. I would never have done this ten years ago. Ten years ago the pet hair alone would have driven me crazy, but now it seems immaterial. There's always a vacuum cleaner or broom, but Doggie will only be here for a finite amount of time. I know it won't be long enough.

2) I biked across Kansas with only a 50 mile practice ride on a borrowed three speed bike. I had ordered a bike from PA and it came in the week before the ride. I spent the next 6 1/2 days biking from Colorado to Missouri with really no knowledge about the bike at all. I was young then and it was not really a problem. Now I'm older (a lot older) and this will be my third year to bike the MS 150 ride from Houston to Austin over two days. All I can say is that it really is exhilarating reaching Austin and crossing the finish line with the capitol building in the background and hundreds (maybe thousands) of people cheering you on. The ride is in April and I hope the spin classes are doing me some good.

3) I discovered soccer at age 27 and I LOVE the sport. I grew up in Kansas in the days before soccer was introduced to the school systems. Consequently I played basketball, volleyball, tennis and softball. But, once I discovered soccer, I wish that I had learned to play in my teens or preteens. I quit playing two years ago because my knees finally said "ENOUGH!!!". After four knee surgeries, I finally listened!

Okay, doggie is wanting to go outside, so I guess I'll only share three things tonight. Maybe more tomorrow. Pictures are of custom bookshelves crafted by B. I love my library (okay, it doubles as the dining room and formal living room).

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