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Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Tree Matures

The piecing of the back of M's quilt was finally finished today. It took several more hours to add the last 20" to the bottom of the back. Most of the fabric used had to be fused before it could be added to the rest. I finished this portion of the quilt around 2:30 this afternoon. After walking the dog I came back and loaded the quilt onto the longarm machine. I was very excited to get to this point and start the thread creation. I used a new brand of thread (for me), Bottom Line, in the bobbin and I used a variegated Coats and Clark color in the top. Because the piecing on the back has a lot of different fabric thicknesses and holes and embellishments, the quilting had to be done slow in some places. In the end, the result turned out really well. It is still on the machine as I now need to figure out what to do in the white space around the swing. I also need to change thread color to do the flowers at the bottom. That will be tomorrow's project. So far I am very pleased with this learning project. I hope that M likes the quilt.

Doggie and I went for our Saturday morning jog and had a great time. B went to the Jackwood property and did some work in preparation for the new renters coming in. Tomorrow morning is spin class, more quilting and hopefully a real bike ride in the afternoon. So far it's been a great weekend. Monday will be hectic again. I didn't leave work until 8:15 p.m. on Friday, but you know what, it'll still be there Monday morning and it'll get done. It always does.

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