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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Six Days and Counting . . .

I really cannot believe that this is the last week of my creative challenge.  Yippee!  It has been so much FUN!

Yesterday (Day 51) I made binding for the previously posted quilt (Days 29, 30, 31 and 38) and then sewed it on and hand stitched it to the backside.  I know some people don't like binding.  I know I didn't like it much when I first started making quilts, but now I find it soothing and relaxing somehow.
 I had previously posted that I thought I may wash this cute little quilt before I send it on its merry way to some lucky recipient.  Any thoughts on whether I should wash it so it'll get that crinkled look going, or should I just leave it as is??

little check binding
Day 52:
This bag is similar to the bag I made on Day 47.  I'm just using up the scraps that I have.  Plus I just like this fabric a lot!  I meant to line this bag in red polka dots and then I got busy and forgot.  Oops!
 I quilted up 2 fat quarters and made this little bag.  The inside is very pretty also.  You can see a little bit of it in the strap.

And then I made another yoga bag:

And added my label to the previous wallet shown on Day 48:
And that, my friends, is how we spend the rainy days here in H-town.  And even though I'm on vacation, I did go into work for a few hours today so I could avoid going in on Monday.  Yay me!

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