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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Challenge - Day 39

My day started off with a group run of 4.5 miles.  The only bad thing about meeting up with friends and running in H-town is the fact that we have to run early in the morning or else it is way too HOT!!!  So, B-guy and I were up at 5:30 a.m. and out the door shortly thereafter.  But, oh does it feel good when it's all over and the day is still young!

I discovered a new TV series on Netflix and watched the entire 6 episodes this weekend.  It's called "Witnesses".  I had to read English subtitles since it's a French series, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.  So, after my final episode I started my crafting session.  I quilted up some fabric and then the serger broke . . . and then B-guy fixed the serger and we were back in business.  I made this cute little boxy container that's perfect for a cupcake!!  I know, who would ever put a cupcake in a fabric box, but it's just so darn cute.  It will hold lots of sewing notions also so that's probably a better call!

 This is what the bag looks like, but the color is wrong.
 This is the correct color.
I also sewed a bit more on my scrap quilt that I'm making.  See Challenge - Day 5 for pictures.  And then it was time for a little relaxation.  So, I'll leave you now so we can both enjoy our Sunday evening.  I hope you had a good crafty weekend!

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