Envelope Project

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Challenge - Day 45 and 46

So, yesterday I finished a yoga bag that I made to sell and then made this little number (Day 45):

 I love the fabric used for the binding.  I wasn't sure about the green, but now that it's sewn, I really like it. 
 Perfect for cash and/or coupons
And then today (Day 46) this little number popped up and said "make me" and so I did.

 It's like a miniature bowling bag . . . sort of 

It's so cute. 

And now I'm off to go quilt some fabric on the longarm.  Time for some more yoga bag making.  I hope every  one is staying dry.  We've had quite the storms here.

But before I go and because I like this yoga shawl so much I'm showing off the front since I failed to do so when I originally posted.
Everyone needs one of these, am I right?

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