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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Multi-day Challenge

It all started with a free charm pack from the Fall Quilt Festival.  It was Thursday night, (Day 29) and I was on a roll.  I made 25 half square triangles.  I played with arranging them and trying to figure out how to make the quilt top larger.  I still had 17 5"x5" squares left.  After a couple attempts at cutting the extra squares and screwing up, I decided it best to walk away and go to bed before I totally ruined the quilt.

On Friday, (Day 30) I pieced the quilt top and added borders.  I had the day off from work so I was able to do a little bit more than Day 29. 

And then today, (Day 31) I pieced the back and used up all the extra squares.  I think the quilt will be very nice once it is quilted.

Perhaps tomorrow I will put this puppy on the longarm and quilt it up.  It's not very large, maybe 41"x41", but for a freebie quilt, I think it'll be nice.  And yes, I think it'll go into my 58 day give away pile.  WooHoo!!

And when I discovered this charm pack, I also discovered a lot more freebie charm packs from the Quilt Festival.  I tell you, I totally scored on attended School House.  They give away a lot of stuff if you ever have the chance to go.  It's easy for me, I know, because I live in Houston.  But, for those of you not able to attend, be sure and come back in June when I start giving away all this stuff.  Is anyone excited about that besides me??!!

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PK Sews said...

Hi Joyce. I'm just catching up on all of your posts. I am so impressed by both your prolific sewing and your daily posting! And I love all your creations. My school semester just ended (I'm a teacher)so I hope to do more sewing soon. I'll try to live up to your example of daily sewing. :)