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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Let It Snow . . Let It Snow

We had snow in Houston beginning Wednesday afternoon. How cool is that? I was on a teleconference and looked out the window to see snowflakes falling. I knew it wouldn't last as it was very wet outside. Apparently, it snowed enough and got cold enough to freeze our bridges and come Thursday morning it was a mess out there. Not on my side of town, so I was thankful for that. We are back to a nice 55 degrees today so maybe we'll get to retain "sweater weather" for just a bit longer. That was always my favorite time in Kansas and Massachusetts . . . being able to wear a sweater with shorts and sneakers. I used to have a fairly nice collection of sweaters, but since I'm in a warmer climate now, I have long since given up on the sweater collection.

This week I was also in class learning about the Texas Margins Tax. Now that's a real thriller, huh?! I must say, the presentation was done very well and except for one speaker and a really bad lunch, the conference was okay. Unfortunately I am extremely busy at work, so I must go into the office today (Saturday) and possibly tomorrow. A lot has to get done before December 31 rolls around. Yikes! I'm trying to keep my stress level to a minimum. Good luck with that.

Last night was our office Christmas party and we all gathered at Churrasco's for a nice dinner and conversation. We had a gift exchange, but our boss bought all the gifts. They were nice gifts also. It was the game you play where the first person picks a gift and then the second person can either steal the gift or pick a new gift. Since B and I were #9 out of 10 people, we got to see almost all of the gifts before we had to choose. We stole a gift and ended up with a $100 debit card. Not bad, huh?! I really liked the snowman box that it came in.

Well, this weekend I must make cards. I still haven't come up with an idea so I better get the creative juices rolling while I'm off doing my transfer pricing reports! It's hard to switch gears I tell you!

My cousin, C's, daughter graduates from college today. How exciting. If I wasn't working I'd consider a drive up to Dallas so I could see C and her family. She and her husband just moved to Mississippi and I miss them.

Christmas giving:
Day 1 - gave home grown tomatoes to friend
Day 2 - gave money to downtown sax player standing on street corner in 35 degree weather
Day 3 - gave handcrafted chocolates to friend (really wanted to keep those puppies!)
Day 4 - that's today - I'm not sure what my gift for today will be; we'll have to see what the day brings.

This is based on a blog I read this week about giving 29 gifts in 29 days (www.29gifts.org). The premise is that the act of giving makes us less selfish and makes us think about others and in the end hopefully everyone feels a little bit better. I've always been a pretty selfless person and I like to give so I like this challenge.

Well, no quilting or crafting this week. I am still on track with my no Dr. Pepper drinking. I will make or bake something new again this weekend and as long as I get my cards made, I should conquer this challenge. Wish me luck.

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