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Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Day Wasted

The day was full of promise as dog and I took off for our Saturday morning jog. Today we were going to do at least 2 miles and hopefully a little bit more. Since I'm on my quest to do a 5k in January and the weather is cool enough for the dog, today was going to be a great running day. We took off and two blocks into it the dog starts limping. I immediately stop running, turn around and tell doggie we have to go home. He looks at me and begs to go on. So I check his pads and his joints and doggie doesn't even wince. He just wants to be outside. I can't disappoint my dog and so we walked this morning instead of our usual run. We got home and helped B. put up the Christmas lights on the outside. And then I went inside and watched two episodes of "Flip This House". I like that show. For some reason I had no energy and laid down and took a two hour nap. When I woke up, I had no energy at all and consequently I accomplished nothing today. A big fat zero. Oh, well. There's always tomorrow.

I brought work home on my flash drive, but I just can't bring myself to work on the weekends. I just don't want to. I used to be a slave to my job, but I'm getting older. I like to imagine myself retiring and having all day to do whatever I want. Right now I have my weekends and I can't even get those right. Yikes.

B. and I decided today that we are going to go ahead and cook the family dinner on Christmas day. If anyone shows up, great. If not, that's fine also. At least we are trying.

Goal for tomorrow (which is actually today): get rest of Christmas cards made!!! And run!!! Wish me luck! Aren't those boxes cute? I made them last year out of ads in magazines. I love them. It took me forever to figure out the instructions though so I'm not sure I could recreate them without having to put the brain into overdrive and really, really concentrate!! Maybe next year I'll tackle paper boxes again!

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