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Friday, December 10, 2010

Zines and Things

I must share these crafty things I received this week.  Yesterday I received my package from robayre.  On November 17 she posted that her second zine was hot off the press and I was intrigued by the smallness of it.  Of course I had to order it and then I just had to have the original issue.  It came in the mail yesterday and I was not disappointed.  The first zine is cleverly placed inside a matchbox.  The second zine is quite a bit larger by comparison, but still a very small zine.  I LOVE them both and included in my package were lots of extra goodies.  Thank you Robyn!!

 Isn't this just the cutest bubble wrap packaging?
The zine is called "Grass & Stars

Early this morning I discovered a website that had a link to Bespoke zine.  Since the zine is mailed from Australia, I opted for the electronic version and I was able to download it immediately.  The zine is 44 pages long and definitely worth the $6 and change (US).

Included in this issue were numerous interviews with various artists, tutorials, giveaways, stories, blogs, etc.  I loved reading about the various artists and how they came to be in business.

Then this evening I came home and found my issue of Craft Sanity that I ordered on Monday.  This is Jennifer's first issue of her zine and it is quite professionally done.  If you haven't discovered Craft Sanity, you may want to steal a few minutes and check it out.  She has lots of podcasts that include interviews with various and sundry artists.  She also writes a column for Grand Rapids press.  I understand her zine will be available electronically also, but this being her first issue and it being US based, I was curious and wanted the "pretty" version.  I am not disappointed.  There are lots and lots of projects and even though I do not knit or crochet (it's on the list to learn), I enjoyed ogling over the pictures!!  I have not finished reading this zine yet so I'm looking for a couple more spare moments in which to finish.  Kudos to you, Jennifer!!  You had a dream, went for it, and it looks like it's a SUCCESS!!

(sorry about the glare!)

We had our company Christmas party a week ago.  This is what I made off with in the gift exchange. 

How awesome is this??!!

There was some cleaning going on in the sewing room (dare I say "studio") and I discovered these little gems that I made years ago.  I still love them.

In addition to these lovely wire people, I made clay faces and put them on cards, decorated them with fabric clothes and wrote individual stories for each of them.  I'll have to dig those up and post a picture or two.  They are really quite unique.

And to finish the evening, here are the latest envelopes:


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Cheryll said...

Still amazing envelopes Joyce! and lucky you with the bracelet...wow!
Have a very HaPPy Xmas.