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Monday, December 6, 2010

Scrap Happy Coasters

Hi Cherry Cherry Red Quilter . . . oops, I just made the assumption your name was Cherry!  Mea culpa.  This post is for you (and for anyone else who is interested).  I read your comment about the coasters and I attempted to answer it by referring you to my post of August 20th.  I just now re-read my post of Aug 20 and this is not how I do the process any longer.  I've totally simplified the process.  I will attempt to make some more this weekend and I will post pictures and better instructions.  In a nutshell though the steps are:

1)  cut a backing fabric a little larger than the piece you want to weave.  I usually start with a piece about the size of a placemat and this ends up making six coasters.

2) lay backing fabric wrong side up and then put two layers of batting on top.  I use scrap pieces of batting.

3)  start weaving your fabric scraps (over/under) right on top of the backing and batting  (saves time).  I do not worry about the scraps being the same size.  I like the way the unevenness makes a pattern.

4)  after a couple of rows are woven, I pin the bottom of each row to hold the strips in place and then just continue weaving. 

5)  once the entire piece is woven with all fabric butted up against the next piece, I go to the sewing machine and zigzag all horizontal and vertical rows.  I use a fairly wide zigzag stitch.

6)  after the zigzag is complete then I cut them into individual coasters and trim them to size (approx. 5.5" x 6") Next I do the free motion quilting.  (The free motion step does not need to be done, but I like the way it makes the coaster/potholder look.)

7) the last step is the binding.  I usually have large pieces in my scrap pile that I pull from to make the binding.  To make it easy-peasy I use a decorative stitch to stitch to the backside instead of hand sewing to the backside.

I hope I haven't left out too many steps!!  If you have questions, let me know.

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Cherry Red Quilter said...

Hi there,
Thankyou thankyou, thankyou for the instructions.
I can't wait till I have time for some fun sewing, as opposed to making Christmas Presents which is still fun but you know what I mean. I am going to try the coasters - but don't let that stop you putting photos etc on your blog as that will make it easier to follow your instructions.
When i get some done you can bet i will put them on my blog and you will be the first to know.

Happy stitching!