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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Spirit

Yesterday I had the good fortune to find an organization for my pillowcases.  I called The DePelchin Center and they were very excited.  One of their outreach programs is for children who have to be removed from their homes and taken to foster care.  They give each child a "comfort" gift and they said they would love to include the pillowcases in their gift.  The center is open 24/7 (as they sometimes have to remove children in the middle of the night) so I will drop the pillowcases off this week.  It's sad to know that these children are suffering so I hope that the small gesture of a pillowcase will bring some hope or happiness into their lives.

B. and I also "adopted" four kids from Texas Children's hospital and played Santa.  We will be delivering their gifts to the hospital volunteer staff on Thursday morning.

#72 (although the pic says 71 . . . oops)


Cheryll said...

You're such a NiCe person Joyce! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

Cherry Red Quilter said...

Good for you Joyce - it is so nice to make gifts and give gifts to children in need and I think you get as much back as you give - even if you never meet the recipient as you get teh warm fuzzies just doing it.