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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tis the Season

Tomorrow I will contact the DePelchin Center and see if they would like to be the recipient of my two dozen pillowcases for the One Million Pillowcase Challenge.  It's been a FUN project and hopefully I'll get some more made.  My target was 24 and tonight I hit that number so tomorrow I'll go in search of a non-profit that would like them.


I ran out of time this weekend for the scrap happy coasters, but I did take a picture of how it all gets started!!  Perhaps tomorrow I'll get the rest of the project completed. . .

Yesterday I ran 11.2 miles and I was feeling it the rest of the day; hence there was little activity besides laying supine on the couch most of the day!!  YIKES!!  Seven more weeks until the Houston Aramco Half Marathon!  I'm feeling pretty good about it and the training is going well.  Yay!


Cherry Red Quilter said...

Well done re the pillow cases! Love the Christmas themed envelopes and looking forward to seeing more scrappy coasters. Good luck with the marathon training. I can't do it - I need two knee replacements - but I am with you in spirit! :-)

Cherry Red Quilter said...

Hi Joyce, I dont seem to be able to reply to your email so thought I would send you another comment. Yes it is warm here- Summer in Sydney - let me tell you Christmas just isn't the same in the warm - because it stays light till 9pm ish you don't see the lights and there aren't as many to see and, of course, there is no snow and so on. 45 days of school hols to go ...hmm. Two knee replacements coming up but not til I am in my 50's according to my specialist- it must be the only think I am too young for!!!
Have a great day.


Cowgirl Red said...

The pillow cases are lovely. The cause is heavenly. You inspire me to sew more. I'm going to follow up on that. You touched me today.

Terah CowgirlRed

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