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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What a Waste!!

I took a day of vacation today to go to my local Bernina store and learn how to use my serger.  I was excited to finally learn how to thread this puppy and then start using it.  I bought it at IQF four years ago and the first time I tried to use it, it had to go in the shop for repairs as it was defective.  Fast forward to today and I made it exactly 2.5 hours into an 8 hour class before the machine broke again.  The first 2.25 hours were spent going through the manual and our machines were not used.  So basically it took 15 minutes of use in learning how to thread the machine to find out that the machine was having a meltdown.  The instructor told me that she couldn't spend any more time with me and had to move on with the class.  I understood that.  The two ladies at the shop were then determined to try and get me up and running again.  They called their tech guy who told them what to do, but said it wouldn't solve the problem.  It didn't.  I was upset and disappointed.  I have always loved Bernina.  I bought my first Bernina in 1975 when I was in high school.  I paid $300 for it and it was a used machine.  I've been loyal to them forever and now I feel like this machine is a total LEMON!!!  Sorry Bernina, but I'm not happy with you right now.

So, the machine is in for repairs.  I've asked that they call me before fixing it if they plan on charging me for the defectiveness.  Depending on the price, I will either chunk it (not really) or use it as a doorstop!  Have I said how unhappy I am?  So, the net result of all this "learning" is that I have decided that serging is not in my future and if the puppy gets fixed I will either sell it (it's a very expensive model) or I will give it away.  I wish today had turned out differently.  Heavy sigh.

So, it looks like the day is not over yet as both last night and tonight my blogs have posted before I finished writing them.  Yikes . . . what is going on???  I better finish this and move on.  Maybe tomorrow will be an AWESOME day!!


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