Envelope Project

Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Fun!

I finally buried the threads on this quilt I made for my cousin out of my aunt and uncle's clothes.  I really like the way it turned out.  It's very soft.  Tomorrow I will send it off in the mail and surprise her.

This is the backside of the quilt.

#19 for my friends in Portland that I met when we all lived in Boston. I miss them.

Last weekend I bought a box of acrylic paints that I was itching to try out.  Turns out, it was probably a waste of money as the paints are rather gummy.  I painted on paper backed fabric that I purchased last year at Houston Quilt Festival when I took a class.  This is just a sample that I'm going to quilt up and see how it does.  I think the next one I paint I'll use my old tried and true paints.  But, you know, it's always FUN to buy new art toys!!!  Live and learn.


Mariliz's Musings said...

I love that you made the quilt from their clothing!! Great Job. I'm also loving your envelopes.

LintLady said...

Hi Joyce,

your paintings are nice.
For fabrics I like the fabric colour pens better. They are to iron in, so they even stay in the loundry. And you can paint with them as well as with other pens on paper.

:o) Doris