Envelope Project

Saturday, October 30, 2010

This and That

I started today off with a nice 5k run in downtown Houston.  I finished 36 out of 60 in my age group.  I'm happy with that.  There was another 5k today at the Sam Houston Racetrack.  I should have run that race as based on my race time I would have definitely scored 4th place and there was a good possibility I would have taken home the 3rd place medal!!!  That would have been too cool.  My time downtown was a bit slower than I wanted it to be because the last 1/4 mile was all uphill and it was not FUN!!!  No excuses . . . I'll get there.

Today's projects were finishing the potholder/trivet, sewing on buttons and hemming a dress that I made for my great niece and drawing today's envelope.  In between all this there were errands to run and naps to take!!  Ah, yes . . . NAPS . . . my favorite pasttime!!!



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