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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Playing Hookey

I am taking tomorrow off from work.  Yay!  I am finally going to learn how to use my serger that I bought at IQF three years ago!!!  Yes, I tried to take the class previously, but I got the call that it was cancelled the day before the class and since the class is not usually offered on the weekend, I have decided it's time to take a day of vacation and as NIKE would say "just do it"!!

Tonight was speed work at the track.  It was my first formal speed session and even though it was almost dark when I started and definitely dark when I finished, I had a really good time.  I burned more calories running one mile of speed work tonight than I did running 2.5 miles this morning.  Hmm . . . seems like a no-brainer to me that I should just run FAST!!!  My trusty Garmin informs me that I have finally run in Zone 8 and that makes me happy.  I'm getting there.

#23 (sent to Sophie)

Stamp courtesy of my SIL

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