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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Another Beautiful Day!!

It was a gorgeous Sunday here in H town.  I got up and did a 52 minute bike ride.  I hopped off the bike, put on my running shoes and off I went.  My oh my, that was some kind of hurt!!  I was thinking "how heavy are my legs anyway?".  I felt like I was leaning forward and that I would tump over at any moment.  But I kept on going.  I kept thinking about the professionals who at this point in their triathlon are running just under 6 minute miles and I thought "how do they do it?".  Well, they get paid to do it, so I guess it's a job for them!!  I was just happy that I clocked my first mile at 11:10.  I thought I was going a heck of a lot slower.  Well, next Sunday is the "for real" race so I hope that I have put in enough practice to get me to the finish line without collapsing.  I think I'll be okay.  Fingers crossed anyway.

Next up for the day was a bit of sewing.  I longarmed the little baby quilt.  It deserved a better pattern, but all I had in me today was some meandering.  Afterwards I made some binding and sewed it on and buried the loose threads.  I also buried the threads on the other pink baby quilt and now they are both finished and ready for mailing.  Just in time as tomorrow it's back to work and you know how much I look forward to that!!  I hope everyone's weekend was as lovely as mine.

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Cheryll said...

You can come here and do my quilting ANyTiMe! Even worn out you do GrEaT work!!