Envelope Project

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Zipping Right Along

I came home yesterday and found this:

Is this not the coolest?  I asked B-guy to inventory my zippers and he went beyond my request and got very creative and used an old shoe rack to hang my zippers.  Now I not only have a written count, I can also open the closet door and voila, I know exactly what I have . . . and don't have!!  Believe it or not, it's time to order some more zips!

For the first time since this project began, I wasn't feeling the creative love tonight.  I was tired and even though I wanted to whip up some fun little project, I knew my energy level wasn't up to par.  So I spotted the end of this fabric and decided to make a pencil case.  Well, as proof of my tiredness, I cut the fabric wrong and had to turn it into more of a makeup sized bag.

Originally this had a wristlet strap on it, but I screwed up on that also, so it's just a plain little bag, but it really is pretty.

And so kiddos, that's Challenge - Day 21!  It was still fun to make, but being tired means I didn't quite get it right tonight.  No worries . . . I have tomorrow . . . and tomorrow . . . and . . .

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