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Friday, April 24, 2015

Challenge - Days 16 & 17

Okay, is it just me, or do you guys find that sewing with scraps takes a LOT longer than just getting out the fabric and sewing away?  By the time I finished my project last night it was too dark to take any pictures so I thought I'd spare you.  So here is Day 16's project:
So there was a pile of scraps just lying there and I thought, just start piecing them and then decide what you want to make at the end.  Since it took longer than I expected, I decided to go with a placemat.  Of course, then I'm thinking, "who would want a single placemat in my giveaway?".  I don't know, but there it is.  Maybe I'll get a similar one made before the end of the challenge period so that there'll be a set to give away.

And then today (Day 17) I found what I was looking for. . . the pattern for this bag.  Yay!  I've made at least a half dozen or more of these bags and I just love them.  Of course, it was awhile ago, so when I went to sew this little puppy up, I disregarded my instincts and tried to follow the instructions.  Bad move . . . my instincts were right and after ripping out some seams, I ended up with this little beauty.  Everyone needs a bag, am I right?

Perfect for a bookstore run with sketchbook, pens, markers, books, etc.  I use my bag all the time.  This is also leftover fabric from a quilted yoga bag or two.  This bag is not quilted, but it is lined, has a pocket and a magnetic closure.  Nice!

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