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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Fright Night

Last night was Halloween and we had quite the gang this year. Last year we had no one come to the door for treats. This year I recognized a handful of the neighborhood kids and the rest were carpooled over. I didn't really care as we had all this candy and I wanted to get rid of it anyway. Since we never know if we'll have trick or treaters, we always stock up in anticipation.

We took a break from the Quilt show today and we will go back tomorrow for the last day. Featured above are the purchases I've made so far. This is what $300+ will get you at the quilt show. Yikes! (The cutting mat is mine and was purchased years ago.) Sometimes on the last day, there are even better bargains to be had. So maybe I'll be a little bit poorer after tomorrow. Today I made a baby quilt out of the charm pack fabric I bought yesterday. It's cute. Luckily I had some matching fabric I can use for the backing. Tonight I made binding for B's cat quilt and sewed it to the top side. B is going to do the hand stitching to the back.

Today I received the tracking numbers for 19 boxes of fabric shipped on Wednesday. I went to the web site to see where the boxes are located now, but there's no information. I hope I'll know before the day they get here. Since the boxes have a signature requirement, I don't want to miss the delivery. It's all very exciting.

This morning dog and I went for our morning jog. I hadn't been able to go for a couple of days so it felt pretty good this morning. We will jog again tomorrow morning and then B and I will head off to the quilt show. It's been a good vacation so far.

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