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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Quilt Fest Fun

Today was my first day at the International Quilt Festival in Houston. Yay! So much to see; so much inspiration. B and I spent half of our time looking at quilts and the other half making a few purchases. Sharon Schamber won one of the top prizes so we went to her booth and spoke with her. I ended up buying a new hopping foot and embroidery needles for my longarm. Then it was off to the YLI booth to purchase some silk thread to try out on my longarm. Of course, I had to see my friends, Sandy and Richard in the Prodigy booth. At lunch time I met up with some of my fellow longarmers and chatted with them. At least two people at the table had quilts in this year's show. Ami won a 3rd place ribbon as witnessed in the picture above. The other quilt by Helen was very beautiful (although I forgot to take a picture of it . . . oops!) I think I was the only one who doesn't do this for a business. In reality I think I'm too afraid to take on customers. The pressure of getting it right for each customer is too much. I don't want to hear any complaining nor do I want to do any frogging for any customers. I want my own set of rules: you'll like what I do because it's going to be beautiful and if there are any mistakes at all, the customer will do the frogging! That's not unreasonable is it???!!!

I bought a couple sets of charm packs with the new Moda fabrics. I came home and played with them tonight and I wanted to sew them up, but I like just looking at them. I have two goals for next year: 1) go to Quilt Market and 2) have a quilt in the show. I think it's totally doable. I have lots of ideas; I just need to get serious and start stitching! How much vacation do I have again?! Not enough. In another year and a half, though, I'll get 4 weeks plus the 11 holidays. It's a good day job.

When I got home from festival today, I had to take a picture of my car door. The shadows were just right and immediately I thought "quilt" so I got out the camera and immortalized the moment.

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