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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Quilt Fest

The past several weeks I've been participating in my own personal quilt fest. I made four new quilts and finished binding five quilts. It feels good to accomplish something at night other than lie around and watch TV. Although I must admit, I do like a lot of television shows and I don't have cable.

Last weekend B and I went to the Bellaire Arts & Crafts Festival. I had nine of my quilts there and I did not sell a single one. Fortunately the lady whose booth I shared sold four of her quilts so I was happy for her. I sat there and finished hand sewing the binding on one of my quilts. I am donating two of my quilts to a silent auction this weekend. The benefit is for a 21 year old girl with cancer. This is the 2nd time around for her and I'm saying my prayers for her recovery.

I will soon be receiving the fabric inventory of a store in New Hampshire that went out of business. The decision to buy was made at the same time the market came crashing down. I decided that having the fabric was more important to me than the money. After I had mailed the certified check, I received my 9/30 statements showing my losses for the quarter. And these statements did not reflect the huge downturns in October. Oh, well, who needs to retire, huh?! If I end up homeless, I will at least have plenty of fabric to keep me warm. Always the optimist. Let me know if you want to buy some fabric!!!

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