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Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Stash is Probably Bigger Than Yours

I have always wanted my own fabric store and now I have one. Granted it's small and right now it's in a spare bedroom, but hey, it's a fabric store and I am very happy! I see many, many different things when I look at the fabric. Not only do I see quilts, but I see kid's clothing, aprons, purses, art work, etc. I'm glad I'm able to afford to buy these things. I managed to survive the stages of living from paycheck to paycheck. My shopping binges aren't for clothes or shoes and apparently right now they tend toward fabric and expensive sewing machines! My next purchase may just have to be the Bernina 8 Series. That machine is SWEET! The shelving was designed and built by my sweetie who puts up with my fabric fetish. I'm pretty sure he secretly wants to pull out a bolt of fabric and get out the rotary cutter! He's a keeper! The door to the spare bedroom was used as the blueprint for the shelving. Ingenious! This was the prototype and now he's building two more to house the rest of the fabric.

Tomorrow is Monday and back to the grind I go. It is my 9-80 though so I'll have a 4 day week and then next week I'll only have to work 2 days as it's the Thanksgiving holiday. The end of the year is deceiving as we get all of these days off for holidays and then wham, we're hit with year end work that must be done fast and furiously. I'm not looking forward to that at all. I'll be doing the foreign accruals and even though there are only three foreign companies that I need to do, the workpapers are like a foreign language and no current employee has ever done the foreign provision. I don't mind except for the fact that the provision has to be done in 2 days. That's going to be tough as I think I'm also responsible for at least two domestic provisions also. I may not get much sewing done during that time frame!

Well I'm off to dream about my new fabric store! And a world where everyone has a brand new quilt!!!

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