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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

National Fabric Day!

Today is my own National Fabric Day. While I was at work, five of the 19 boxes of fabric that were shipped arrived at my door. Tomorrow I should get the other 14 boxes plus 3 more that were shipped Priority Mail on Monday. It's Christmas here! My dream of owning my own fabric store has come true. The fact that the "fabric store" is in my spare bedroom is just a minor detail. (contact me if you want to purchase some lovely fabrics!) I would like to stay home tomorrow and go fabric shopping, but I must continue on with the day job that allows me to purchase such large quantities of fabric. Hopefully I will have an Ebay store up and running soon.

I loved this quilt at the quilt show. There were tons of awesome and gorgeous quilts, but for whimsy, I choose this one.

Well, I better take one more gander at my new "stash" and then off to bed I go. Nice quilty dreams tonight, I'm sure.

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