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Monday, February 4, 2008

Feels Like Summer

We are barely into February and the temperature is almost 80 degrees. Insane. B and I took the dog for a jog tonight and after we came home the dog was panting. It's February and I'm worried about my dog being too hot.

I finished quilting M's quilt on Saturday. Tonight I trimmed the extra fabric and batting off and now I'm ready to make binding. Here are some of my choices. Maybe tomorrow I will make a decision and sew the binding. I'm getting close; it's just a long process.

Yesterday I went to see my cousin, C and we had a lovely day together. She showed me many pictures of our parents (my Dad, her Mom) when they were kids. Unfortunately most pictures were not labeled so we could only guess at some of them. I brought home clothes of C's parents and I will be making a couple more memory quilts for her and my cousin, M (C's sister). I better get on the stick and finish the one I've started.

B had a long chat with one of our neighbor's who's totally excited that I am a quilter also. I'm totally psyched now that I know she used to own a quilting store and has an entire one car garage full of fabric. Wow! I can't wait to see her setup. She's excited that I have a longarm machine. There's another neighbor that has a "huge" embroidery machine and she knows a lot of the local quilters so I'm looking forward to meeting her also.

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