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Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Sampler

Today was a gorgeous day. It was a bit chilly and then it warmed up and cooled down again when the sun set. Doggie and I went for our usual jog this morning. We also managed to get in two walks in addition to the jog. He's a spoiled dog!

I finished up my sampler quilt and took it off the longarm. I was surprised at how many bobbins I ended up using on the lap sized quilt. Since my auxiliary bobbin winder hasn't worked for a couple years, I wound my bobbins on my Bernina. My longarm machine also has a bobbin winder, but it is just easier for me to wind them on the domestic sewing machine. I was very pleased with the results. I was practicing my doodle designs in the variegated thread. The off-white thread was used to fill in the spaces and I was practicing various techniques there also. The machine runs very quickly and the brain has to stay focused on where the needle needs to go next so that the threads don't overlap and the overall design will still work. I'm still practicing, but I really liked the outcome. The pictures include the front and the back which is all done in a light wheat colored thread. What do you think?

B worked on his special project today also until he was called away by a friend in need. He left for several hours and by the time he returned it was too late to continue working on the patio. If he doesn't receive any phone calls tomorrow, he will probably make quite a bit of progress.

I am taking Monday off from work so I have tomorrow and Monday to continue working on my quilting projects. Yay! It's a good day.

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