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Monday, February 25, 2008

A Productive Day

What's better than having Monday off from work??? Nothing, right? Today was a good day. It must have been a slow day at work because there was nothing urgent in my e-mails today. Yay!

Doggie and I started our day off with a long jog. B worked on his project and I worked on my new quilt project. In addition, I finished M's quilt and I will be presenting it to my co-worker tomorrow. I hope that I have done his wife justice in her memory quilt. I added the hanging sleeve this afternoon and hand stitched it in place. This is the first quilt that I have put my label on. This label was made especially for M's wife as she loved her cats. I'm very pleased with the finished project. Doggie decided to make tracks in the sand that B had tamped down. More tamping tomorrow, I guess?!

Tonight I made a nice chicken, pasta, asparagus dinner. Yummy. Tomorrow I will return to work and go back to left brain activities. I can hardly control my enthusiasm! Ha! It's not so bad. The bonuses will be paid in three weeks and then perhaps we can get a new A/C unit. Ours is the original from 1959. We went six weeks last summer without A/C in Houston. Not a good idea. Yikes! It's still February and if we'd had working A/C it probably would have been on yesterday and possibly today. Crazy weather. It's supposed to get cooler tomorrow so I'm crossing my fingers.

Until tomorrow . . .

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