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Monday, February 18, 2008

Some Days are Hard

Today is Monday and thank goodness it's time to go to bed. After enjoying a wonderful weekend it was tough to go back to the madness. Lots of small annoyances today and they added up to a not so pleasant day. Oh, well, it is over now and hopefully tomorrow will turn out much nicer.

Tonight I was supposed to finish M's quilt. It didn't happen. I came home and went for a long jog with the dog. It felt good after a frustrating day. I knew I needed to finish the binding on the quilt, but I didn't have it in me tonight. Maybe tomorrow.

Girl Scout cookies arrived today. I thought I'd be a bit more excited, but at $3.50 a box and 6 boxes later, they are just expensive cookies! Oh, well, I feel like I'm supporting my co-workers kids' endeavor and that's a good thing. Tomorrow is my first experience with a quilt guild meeting. I'm so excited. I hope it's everything I want it to be! It's been a long time (if ever) that I've attended an organized function with a purpose. I have a feeling I'll be excited and motivated when I get home tomorrow night.

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Jesski said...

wow! are all these quilts hand-made? I just started reading your blog and was wondering if you've written a post describing how to make quilts, or would be willing to write one
bc i'd like to read about the process!