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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Big Yawn

Yesterday and today I've been at tax school. It's a good way to get the 40 hour CPE credit each year, but I don't really enjoy sitting all day in a cold hotel conference room listening to boring stuff. Yesterday's sessions were better than today. Today it was just down right miserable with the cold temperature in the room. Add to that the fact that we had to listen to saws, hammering and nailing for a good part of the afternoon. Today I learned that beginning in 2009 there will be new rules that we will have to apply when doing acquisitions. I just kept thinking that I hope I'm not doing this in 2009, but I know I will be. The good part about yesterday and today was that I ran into colleagues I hadn't seen in quite a few years. It was nice to catch up. Tomorrow I am back at the office and Friday I am back to school. Big Yawn!

Today's e-mails were plentiful and it looks like I will have plenty to do when I get back to work tomorrow. I especially like the e-mails which state that they need the answer ASAP. You know who you are (regulatory people!) and I always stop doing my normal job, get them their answers and then you know what . . . that's right, there is never a thank you in there anywhere. I'm big on showing appreciation and it's just not reciprocated. Very annoying. Yesterday morning I was at work at 6:30 a.m. trying to fix something for one of the managers. I didn't even know what he was talking about in his e-mail, but off to work I went and got it done before I went off to tax school. Have I received a thank you from him? Nope. And yet, I will continue to help people out and get things done because that's how I operate, but I'm getting really tired of the non-appreciation from the people who do the most demanding. This new manager of ours better get some people skills because what I did for him yesterday wasn't even my job, but I was able to help him meet his deadline and get the product out the door. Blah, blah. Breathe . . . Tomorrow is just a few dreams away.

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