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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Is It Just Me??

Yesterday I was on a mission.  I looked in my stash and came up with nothing.  I wanted the "perfect" fabric for my next go rounds of yoga bag making.  I'm sure I have plenty of fabric in the "right" colors, but yesterday they didn't speak to me.  So I was off to the LQS to ogle over their beautiful fabrics.  However, I just couldn't get excited.  What's wrong with me??  I think I was a bit disappointed that there was not one "discounted" table, shelf, corner in the entire store.  I asked about their sales and was told that beginning tomorrow there would be a sale.  Hmm . . . follow up question was "is the fabric going to be on sale and what type of percentage are we talking?".  This is the accountant in me speaking.  If I know that it's only a 10% decrease in price, then there is no point in not buying the fabric immediately, once you factor in convenience, gas, etc.  At 20% I'm still likely to purchase immediately, but if you're going to have a "real" sale with "real" savings, then maybe there's a way I can get to the store and purchase even more fabric and support my LQS.  As it were, there was no discounted fabric and no hint of what type of sale will happen tomorrow.  I still wanted to support my LQS so I found two lovely fabrics at full price and purchased 3 yards.  So, I'm torn between helping my LQS and spending unnecessary money.  Anyone else have this problem?  All I wanted to see was one measly stinking area with discounted fabrics.  I may not have even picked anything from such fabric, but I wanted to know that I had an opportunity to not spend full dollar on fabric I didn't even need.  Is it just me??!!  Well, that may have been my splurge for 2011.  I must get rid of my current fabric (I have a LOT) before I start another spending spree.  Looks like it may be time for another giveaway.  Stay tuned.

Here's what I started working on yesterday. No, this isn't the fabric I bought.  (Pics to follow later) I did prewash my new fabric so I can quilt it up today. Then I'll need to get more precise measurements before I cut into the rather expensive full price yardage. YIKES!! Does anyone pay full price for their fabric anymore?


Vroomans' Quilts said...

I'm lucky, both my LQS's have a 'discount' section at all times. They are 2-3-4 yr past lines, but all very good quilting guality fabrics from top lines. Usually half price and occassionally my one LQS has a 'buy-the bolt' sale at $2.50 yd. So she can clear inventory for new items. Thats when I shop for backing fabrics! And she supports the local food bank each year with Free FQ for every food item brought in for the pantry. That's when I fill in the colors that are low in my stash. If our local shops want quilters to continue business, they need to draw us - we all love a sale.

Sarah Craig said...

You've just defined why I don't shop at my LQS very often - if all they offer is full price fabric, I'll buy it online, where it's cheaper even factoring in shipping costs! I can also count on being able to find a particular fabric somewhere on-line, while my LQS may or may not have it in stock. I have also noticed that Joann's is carrying more and more high-quality quilting fabrics - and while the price is about $10 a yard on those fabrics, they offer coupons! I've got to be a responsible consumer, can't pay high prices just to support a local shop without some other benefit!