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Thursday, June 18, 2009

If It's June, It Must be Tax Season

In the midst of all the festivities this Spring (i.e., 80th birthday party for Mom, 2 weddings, 1 great nephew birth), I have been lacking in my quilting. I have finished the camp quilt and have sewn the binding on the brown couch quilt (which is now earmarked for the bed). I am in the process of burying the threads on that puppy and then it will go into the finished pile. I still need to sew the binding on the coordinating smaller couch quilt and then that, too, will be done. This past Monday I opened up my scrap drawer (it's not like I don't have bolts and bolts of fabric!) and started piecing a scrap quilt. This one, however, has a design to it and I am unsure if it is a design someone else has already created or if this one is my own. I'm sure someone will let me know at some point.

So far this year, I have run my 5k's each month except February. I could not find a 5k to run in February so I skipped that month. I will be running my June run next weekend. The bad thing about that is that the adult 5k is scheduled for 9 a.m. That is so CRAZY!!! It's like 90 degrees at 9 a.m. here in Houston. Oh, well. If my time is bad . . . that's all I'm saying!!! I'm enjoying these runs if only for the celebration breakfast at La Madeleine after each run and the scrapbook pages that I'm creating. I'm happy to say that I am up to date on my scrapbooking for these runs.

For my birthday I ordered three books from Amazon.com. They are all creative type books and right now I am reading "The Creative Entrepreneur" by Lisa Sonora Beam. I don't have time to actually sit down and do the exercises, but I'm enjoying the reading. This is tax season for me so I'll be busy for awhile now.

Well, speaking of that, I better get back to my tasks at hand. Until next time . . .

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