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Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Recently I've been invesigating setting up a crafting/sewing/quilting studio. It's very exciting and nerve wracking. I wish that I were younger and had no assets at stake. Even so, I'm tempted to jump in and pursue this dream. Should I take the chance? I will still have to work at my day job. Will I have any energy left to run a studio and will it make enough money for me to cover my costs? It'd be nice to have a crystal ball!

I am currently piecing another quilt. It's coming along nicely and if I hadn't been sidetracked with my dreaming of opening up my own store, it would probably have been finished and put on the longarm and quilted by now. Oh, well.

This weekend I will be doing my June 5k. It's scheduled to be run at 8:30 a.m. and it's going to be a scorcher! Yikes! This is the 1st annual run for the Alopecia Areata foundation and it is being run without chips and apparently we are to bring our own after run snacks! That e-mail made me chuckle. B and I have our tradition of eating at La Madeleine's after each run, so I think we will probably do that instead of bringing our own snacks! Here's to running the race without suffering heatstroke!! I'll keep you posted.

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