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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Charmed, I'm sure!

Sure, it was supposed to be a three day weekend for me, but I decided that taking yesterday off for my 9-80 might not have been the wisest thing to do.  So, today I went to the office to do the final tax return of the 2010 filing season.  Yay!  I feel better about the start of Monday now and I have four entire days to figure out how to e-file in several new states.  Can you say "yuck"??!!  I'm sure that project will have me tearing my hair out before it's all said and done.  After this week, I hope it's over . . . oh, but wait . . . there's the little matter of two state audits, one Canadian audit and a whole bunch of transfer pricing reports that need to be written.  Yikes! 

So, on my day off yesterday, B-guy and I went to a local quilt show.  In comparison to the IQF it was quite small, but some of the quilts were stunning.  I loaded my pockets with cash and I was in the mood to shop.  But, I didn't find anything that I just had to have.  Hmm . . . what's wrong with that picture?!  The closest I came was to purchasing a $150 iron.  B-guy had me talking to the lady because he felt sorry for her as no one was in her booth.  So, being the questioning person that I am, I had her giving her spiel and before you know it, a crowd (okay, a few people) had gathered and she was making sales.  I no longer felt the need to keep this lady in groceries and me in a pile of laundry that needed ironing.  No thank you!!  I guess I'll save my money for the IQF and just go wild there!

Tomorrow I will start (and hopefully finish) the quilt that's on the longarm.  It's the 2nd quilt for my nephew that his MIL wanted me to quilt.  After that I have my own quilt ready to be quilted.  This is the charm pack leftovers.  I'm liking the way it's turning out.

Here's the fabric for the next batch of yoga bags.  I think they will turn out nicely.

A few weeks ago I received these little jewels in the mail.  I just couldn't resist when I got the email from Green Fairy Quilts and these charm packs were on sale.  A little retail therapy goes a long way to make a girl happy after a long day at the office.

And so it goes for another week.  In addition to the sewing, I've managed to swim a couple miles, run quite a few miles and bike some miles on the trainer.  Monday morning boot camp starts bright and early at 5:15 a.m. so we'll see how that goes.  I have a tri coming up in October and after that it's all about the half marathon training.  It's really hard to enjoy the running when it's still hovering around 100 degrees here.  And treadmill training just doesn't hack it.  Oh, well. 

Until next time . . . happy sewing!!


Cherry Red Quilter said...

Loving the charm packs you bought - I have a Chrysallis charm pack too - not sure what I will do with it yet

donna said...

Your charm pack quilt looks great. I know what you mean. Buying fabric always makes me feel better.