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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Book Nook

Show of hands . . .

How many of you listen to Ricë Freeman-Zachery's podcast over at the Voodoo Cafe?  Anyone?  Anyone?

Well, I'm giving it two thumbs up.  I discovered Ricë's podcast a couple of years ago and I totally enjoy her conversations with fellow creative types . . . all kinds of creative types.  It's like listening to a conversation you'd like to have with someone.  She's unpretentious and doesn't interject her "oh, I know just what you mean" and then make it all about herself and her art.  It's refreshing to actually hear an interview that's about the interviewee.  She has fun and she gets people to relax and tell their stories.  It's perfect - I like hearing stories.

So, why am I telling you this???

I just finished reading Ricë's book "Destination Creativity" about the year she and the EGE (you'll have to visit her website to figure out EGE) took off and explored art retreats.  The book is a total easy read for those of you not inclined to sit down and read because there's just too darn much quilting/creating that needs to get done.  But, I like to read and so I did sit down and turned the pages and savored the trips.  Each art retreat I would say to myself "lucky, lucky girl!!".  Hmm . . . I wonder if I could take off a year and just go make some art all across the country.  I can see the dream and oh, it's looking lovely!

If you don't have time to sit a spell and read about the wonderful art retreats that are all over this country (and I'm sure, the world), then spend just a few minutes looking at the wonderful pictures (taken by the EGE).  You'll want to start saving all your loose change and go out and try one, or two!!  The only featured one in the book that I have attended is the International Quilt Festival in Houston.  I discovered it about nine years ago and I've been hooked ever since.  I've taken a few classes there and it was surprisingly FUN!!  Through this book I discovered that we (Houston) host another big retreat, "Adorn Me".  I knew nothing about this one, so I'm excited to learn that it's in my own backyard.  Of course, it's jewelry related and so far I've been able to stave off the jewelry addiction!!  We'll see. 

After reading this book, I'm itching to step out of my comfort zone and go meet up with some strangers in a strange city and make some art.  I know I'll be thinking "I'm not in the same league", but then like everything else, baby steps, girl . . . baby steps!!

So, run, don't walk, over to the Voodoo Cafe and listen to some of the podcasts.  Then head on over to your local B&N (or Amazon) and purchase this book.  It's a lovely addition to any creative library.  If you like the podcasts, you'll love this book because it's written in Ricë's voice and you can hear her speaking while you're reading. 



Cheryll said...

Sounds like you're a fan!
Good for YoU! :)

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