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Thursday, September 22, 2011

All Things Japanese

When I arrived home from work on Tuesday I had a lovely parcel from Japan at my house.  What a nice surprise since I wasn't expecting anything.  It turns out my nephew (who lives in Japan) and his new bride sent B-guy and I some thank you presents for helping out at their wedding this past July.  I know . . . I wish I could say we went to Japan for the wedding, but they got married in Kansas in my brother and SIL's backyard.  (See header picture - that's their backyard!!)  It was beautiful!!

Miyako's parents were able to come to the wedding and although none of us spoke Japanese and their English was pretty limited, we had an awesome time.  Once everyone returned to Japan, Miyako and her Mom went shopping and they surprised me with this package of fabric.  I LOVE it!! 

Oops, I see I forgot to take pictures of B-guy's present, but the fabric was just so much more interesting!!  I'll post a picture of his present next time!!  Stay tuned.


Cherry Red Quilter said...

Looks like some lovelies there - lucky girl!

donna said...

Lucky girl. The fabrics are GREAT.

Cheryll said...

WooHoo... nice fabric!
Cheers :)