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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Last Day

Sounds so ominous, huh?  I hope it's not foreboding.  It's just my last day before I head back to work and I know that the month of December is going to be busy, busy and it will be followed by January which will be hell.  Yikes!  I do this every year and you'd think it'd get easier, but each year another catastrophy seems to strike, long hours ensue and stress is paramount.  Ugh!  Sounds dreadful . . . it is!! 

Until then, I'm going to laugh outloud . . .

and continue to train for my half marathon in January.  Yesterday B. and I ran 9 miles.  It wasn't too unpleasant, but the muscles are a bit sore today.

I'm continuing to make pillowcases.  Nice, quick, uses up a bit of fabric and best of all, makes me feel good!  Maybe I can make one each day before I go to work.  We'll see how that works out!!  It'd go even faster if I had a serger (still in the shop!!), but I am putting French seams in all of these pillowcases so there'll be no frayed edges. 

Go check out the 12 days of Christmas GiveAway at Cheryll's blog and then get yourself signed up.  How FUN is that?!!

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