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Friday, November 26, 2010

Gobble . . . Gobble

Yesterday morning was supposed to be cold and raining for my 5k run.  Instead it was 79 degrees, humid and windy (20 mph).  I'm not sure which weather would have been more fun to run in!!!  I was attempting my 30 minute 5k and I was right on track for miles 1 and 2, but I guess I didn't realize it because I fell apart in mile 3 and did not accomplish my 30 minute goal.  Oh, well.  Too much pressure (or was it the wind and heat??!!).  I did set a new PR and when I found out how well I did in Miles 1 and 2 I was really upset with my Mile 3.  Darn!!!  The race had over 12,000 people and it was poorly organized.  According to the stats, I finished 18 out of 69 in my age group, but I'm pretty sure I finished 16 as the timing system was screwed up and runners' times were tracked even though a lot of runners started at the wrong start line (which was a quarter of a mile in front of the actual start line).   Like I said, it was poorly organized.  I will not be running this race next year.  I do like the long sleeved shirt we received, though.

 This is me at the 5k start line
 I didn't move . . . these people all joined me after they realized they were standing in the 10k start line!!
This is today's weather
which is the weather we were supposed to run in yesterday!! (low 40's + rain)
(nice shirt, huh?!!)

Usually I am in Kansas for the Thanksgiving holiday, but this year I decided to stay in town.  We found out at the very last minute that our Thanksgiving day hostess was ill and we would not be going over to B.'s sister's house.  Luckily we found La Madeleine open (with 10 minutes to spare before closing) and we were able to purchase some much needed food as we were both starving.

So, for the last few days I've been using up large chunks of fabric and making pillowcases.  I think I'm going to contact the Depelchin Center (kids waiting for foster or adoption) and see if they would like the pillowcases.  I have a quilt loaded on the longarm that is ready for quilting so I will do that this afternoon.  Of course, more envelopes were decorated and notes sent out.  It's been a good vacation so far, but it is going by way too fast.



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