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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tax Season

Right now we're winding down the tax season. I changed jobs in the middle of tax season this year and had to jump right in and start with new consolidated companies and new software. The amazing thing about that I have discovered so far is certain people's ability to totally ignore the tax department. They make no effort to ease our job burdens. Consequently, we will all be working over the Labor Day weekend because we spent three days waiting for the Portland office (you know who you are) to answer our phone calls and e-mails. I was totally amazed to learn that these people are CPA's. I am a CPA and I would never think to treat my fellow workers that badly. In fact, I would think that I'd be fired for such blatant disregard of our needs, but somehow our office in Portland has some secret shield of protection. Absolutely amazing. The only reason we received our answer when we did is because our controller was flying to New York and while he was at the Houston airport he ran into the Portland office CFO. It was only then that he called his office and had his people call us. If not for the airport incident, we might still be waiting and be yet another couple of additional days behind. I guess the moral to the story is that no matter where a person works, there will always be bad people with which you'll have to work. Ugh!

Consequently no quilting has been done this week. I worked last weekend also so instead of quilting I started putting together the quilting scrapbooks. I'm on Volume I right now. B was kind enough to print off pictures and find fabric scraps for me. We don't have pictures of more than half of the quilts I've made, but that's okay. Going forward we should have everything documented. I hope to have Sunday and Monday off so I should be able to get some kind of creative thing done. I have another drawing for my next quilt. I think this will be for my brother and his wife who celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary this month. Their three kids threw them a big surprise bash. I was unable to attend as I was working and the party was a couple of states away. Saturday their oldest son gets married in Kansas. I will not be able to attend that function either. I will be the only sibling not in attendance (there are eight of us). I will make the Thanksgiving festivities, but I doubt my sister will be there then.

Well, I've been working long hours and it's time for sleep now. Sweet dreams.

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