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Friday, March 23, 2012

Oh, Happy Day!!

Today's a BIG day . . . little baby boy is coming home from the hospital!  Yay!!
The feeding tube is gone and he's eating by himself and he's ready to see something other than the hospital scenery.  Welcome home, baby!!

So yesterday evening I spent making binding and I finished my first quilt for the little guy.  Now that he will be home soon, I will give it to him this weekend.

This was mailed to Posie's Patchwork for the Family of Five:

I committed to a 4" x 6" art swap so this is my contribution:
 Testing out the colors

After I trimmed up the picture

And this is my picture I drew this morning to get my day started:
I'm still learning, but in my head I'm FANTASTIC!!!
Dreaming is free, right?!!

And now it's time to get moving and get the day started.  I hope to get back to the creative stuff later, but this afternoon I will be at the Med Center spending a few hours studying the various colors of drab on the walls!  You're jealous, huh?!!


Jan-Maree said...

this all looks great. Love your art work and your parcel for the family of five looks intriguing!

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh thank you so much, so generous & will be very much appreciated. Love Posie