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Monday, March 19, 2012

Food, Wine, Good Times

What happens when you put a bunch of people in a room with snacks, wine and a whole lotta paint??  Well, I found out Saturday night when I hooked up with some running friends and we stepped off the track and into the painting studio.  Can you say FUN??!!  Oh, my, I had the best time!  At the end of the evening I went home with this:
For a first try, I am very happy with my finished picture.  I have plans for another play date on April 13!!  Yay! 

Yesterday I got busy with making some pillowcases for the "Family of Five" who lost everything in a fire.  My friend, Jan-Maree blogged about it here.  These are the pieces I will be sending to Australia this week:
 3 pillowcases for the kids

apron & 2 potholders

I had hoped to make more things, but I had to go visit my little nephew in the hospital.  He hit the 4 lb milestone Saturday night!  Yay!  He probably has a couple more weeks in the hospital and then he'll get to come home.  He's adorable and lovable and oh, so teeny, tiny. 

I also have out of town guests for the week.  My niece and her husband are here for their Spring break.  They went with me to bootcamp this morning and I'm sure they'll be "loving" me tomorrow when the aches set in!!

Well, I guess I should think about getting my butt out of the chair and getting to work.  Hmm . . . not liking it so much, but here I go . . .


Jan-Maree said...

What a lot of gorgeous things you made for teh Fof5. Thanks so much Joyce! One important question....if I ever come and visit do I have to go to boot camp too or can I sleep in and make you muffins for breakfast instead?

Jan-Maree said...

and I love your picture.