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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Happy Belated Valentine's Day

Yesterday Donna (from Donna's Lavender Nest) and I met up for lunch!  I was so surprised when she gave me this:
 Isn't this the sweetest box . . .

filled with homemade sugar cookies and . . .

these lovely pins that she made!

I love all the little details on the box!  I'm pretty sure I came out ahead yesterday as Donna also insisted on paying for lunch!!  Wow!  I was treated like a princess . . . and it's not even my birthday!!  Thank you so much for the wonderful lunch and laughs, Donna!!

Next time, it's my treat . . . seriously, don't make me hurt you!!!!


Jan-Maree said...

Lucky, Lucky girl!

donna said...

You are so very welcome. It is time for another lunch. Sorry I am some what behind on my blogging. I feel like I just been working. Finally the weekend yeahhhh